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PostPosted: Thu Apr 24, 2008 5:22 pm    Post subject: Rothwell Building NT

I posted this on the PH talk page, but I thought posting here as well would be beneficial.

Survivors are urged NOT to attack and kill zombies standing outside the NT, or for that matter any buildings at all, unless you need the XP. Killing zeds outside is pointless. The majority of zombies have Ankle Grab, even the very low level ones, meaning it takes just 1 AP (at the most 6) for them to stand back up again. It takes survivors a lot more to put them down again. It's AP inefficient. Instead, concentrate on barricading, healing and reviving. The more survivors we have, the better chance we stand against zombies who, lets face it, can basically kick our arse, unless we do some serious organising.

We need to meat-cade our resource buildings and be vigilant. The number of fallen zombies outside Rothwell is indicative of two things, either far too much outside zombie killing is going on, or that the zombies may be preparing for a Mass-Ressurection and attack the building as one.

This is all pretty basic stuff, but stuff that the survivors of Penny Heights seem to have forgotten.

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